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Renting an apartment in Zagreb - Trešnjevka

Street:  Zvornička (nearby Trešnjevački plac - square)
Size:  58m2
Description:  kitchen, bathroom, dining room, balcony, pantry, living room and bedroom
Amenities:  Central heating, telephone, ADSL WIFI Internet, TV, electric kitchen appliances, washing machine, parking lot
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PC and Windows Instructions:

  • Managing Windows operating system
  • Anatomy of operating system
  • Use of Programs
  • Office programs
  • Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera ...
  • E-mail client: Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express ...
  • Internet: dial up, Ethernet, WiFi-connectivity and use.
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PC and Windows Service:

  • You have a problem with your PC or Windows?
  • Troubles with viruses and other malicious attacks?
  • Need advice when purchasing a PC, laptop, or Windows programs?
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  • Which PC or laptop to choose?
  • Do you really need the most expensive PC or laptop?
  • What kind of Windows to choose?
  • Why are Linux or Unix better then Windows?
  • What software to choose?
  • Do you love freedom? Your software also love her!
  • Can your antivirus realy protect you?
Detailed recommendations ...

debian linux
SeaMonkey all in one Use
Firefox 3
Get Thunderbird
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